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Google Earth Portraits compilation!

Google Earth Portraits compilation!

Social struggles foster cultural output. In the anti-Apartheid fight in South Africa, amid the writing, the songs and the theatre, was the poster: a simple, evocative and unique way of promoting the struggle.

Of the role of women: ‘now you have touched the women you have struck a rock, you have dislodged a boulder; you will be crushed’.

Of the worker, still entirely (globally) relevant today: ‘we made South Africa rich. We built the roads, the cars, the clothes we wear, the shops, the factories and the food we eat. But in South Africa millions of workers and their families live in poverty, hunger and starvation’.

The story of these posters come from the following book:

Red on Black: The Story of the South African Poster Movement, by Judy Seidman.

Amazonian insects, collected from expeditions between 1849-1859 by Henry Walter Bates. Bates had travelled to the Amazon with Alfred Russell Wallace, who, inspired by the sheer diversity of species encountered both there and later in South East Asia, had conceived of the notion of evolution by natural selection, independently of Darwin. He is a bit of an unsung hero of our attempt to understand life.

Bates himself ended up collecting, annotating and sending back to England 14,000 species of insects. Many were exquisitely drawn, as the images show. The drawings achieve something photgraphs don’t seem to be able to.

The source is a fantastic book from the Natural History Museum in London:

Voyages of Discovery, by Tony Rice.

William Gaddis,The Recognitions.
Today is not this sort of day

William Gaddis,The Recognitions.

Today is not this sort of day

more fly wings: gene expression patterns, tissue architecture, cuticle ridging, hemocytes, GFP and RFP. Bottom is a pitiful fly with no wings

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Cells, gene expression patterns, induced gene expression, fruitfly motherfuckers

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